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MS MARTHA XL (ready for RC)

This model cruise ship is hand-crafted from hard wood with planks on frame construction and then painted with colors like the original real ship. Model is fully assembled and ready for display. This big size we also build ready for RC.

Item Code


Packing Volume

CS0042P-150 150L x 25W x 58H (cm) 59L x 9.84W x 22.83H (inch) 0.38 m³ = 13.41 ft³

Martha Ship Model

Danish Martha Ship Model

Ship Model Martha from cult film

MS Martha Model Ship ready for RC


Danish Cult film...

Aboard Martha, history's protagonist, it is important to feel good, and have great food. Also, it is extremely important to have clean hands, specifically regarding the stoker Alexander (Stavros Christofides) when he goes to dinner. It is controlled strictly by the steward Watson (Ove Sprogøe). The movie starts with the cabin-boy HalfDan (Birger Jensen) 17 year birthday. Halfdan is little popular, he is very clumsy and very stupid, and he is a master of saying and doing the wrong thing at the wrong times, but he will get celebrated as goes from child to adult. He must also have a gift, so when the other crew learns that he never even had a girl. After some discussion, about the gift issue, Helena (Eleni Anoussakis) will be purchased and handed over to the birthday boy, with a wonderful celebration of dance. They sing and drink the whole night. But he gets little pleasure out of this event, as he has gone under the table (drunk).

While all this, far away, in Denmark, a drama takes place. Copenhagen shipowner OP Andersen (Helge Kjærulff-Schmidt)arrives 20 minutes before usual. A large oil contract is about to slide his fingers. His arch-enemy the Norwegian Shipowner Tore Amundsen (Sverre Wilberg) also gave an offers to the Shah of abbot. OP ordering his secretary Miss Bruun (Lily Weiding) to contact his daughter Elinor (Sarah Borchsenius) in Rome, and ordering her to immediately meet him in Athens, OP is furious over her appearance in a scandal sheet. When the crew returns to Martha, mood is lifted, but the disaster has happened. OP his daughter and his secretary arrived, and he informs them that he intends to spend the next 4 days aboard the Martha. This creates a total panic. Martha is an old coal-fired boat, and as Captain Nielsen (Karl Stegger) says: "without comfort", but it is first now it beginnins to be unpleasant thing for the crew. OP will inspect the ship for his intention to shake the ship Constitution, advice and rust, missing railings and stair, tangled piles of rope, lapped sheets, and empty beer bottles floating all over the ship. This is not quite ship Rules. This does that Captain Nielsen is fired because of laziness and incompetence. OP discovers that radiographer Marius Knudsen (Paul Hagen) are dyslexic so he flees into the engine room of Engineers Brovst (Poul Reichhardt). 1 officer (Henrik Wiehe) is asked to calculate their position and his result is that they are in the middle of St Peter's church in Rome, so he will also get fired. OP would rather fire the whole crew and send Martha to scrapping, but he needs her to come first in the race for the oil contract. This will be Marthas rescue.

Amundsens ship "Harald" is a brand new fast steamer, OP sees no alternative but to again employ the sacked staff. They managed to trick the norwegian with the help of Helena to gain a engine sparepart they need. This is also done with a little strip and with the Norwegian national anthem.

Following the successful operation, they have to sail through the "Straits" a very difficult passage. Demonstrations and adventurous unit leads to Martha brave crew tails oil contract back to the OP here eventually fell for her unique charm and no more talk of scrapping.

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